PTS – Jail House etiquette – 101

PTS – Jail House etiquette – 101


He would Preach:

John 1:5 5The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Why? Because the anatomy of the serpent is he fears light, a high beam flashlight pointed at his eye will make him go blind.  He will steer at it, just like a dog at night in the darkness of the woods.

Philippians 3:2New International Version (NIV)

Watch out for those dogs, those evildoers, those mutilators of the flesh.

Shop for a High-beam Flashlight at Walmart of you community store

Jesus Says they are trying to prevent him from sharing with friends on Facebook, by making us hard for him to select friends on his page.  It seems like an automated systems makes it hard to make a selection.  He says it seems like all military type operations seem to have at least on drifter on guard duty and often they will find a place warm to crash out, like a laundry mate that stays open late.  In jail it seems to be at least one person up, he be the one complaining about how you keep him up all night, while the others seem to have little recall of the systematic disturbances.

Don’t You Get Left-out

Save the World – Remix

DBA Jesus Christ: They will told all night until about 1:30 AM.  They will not be concerned about how they keep you up.  But if you wakeup early, say about 4:00 AM and go to making noise they will curse you, call you all types of names nd even threaten to murder of rape you.

So a dude says to these dudes out of his cell, once I was told by a loved one, if is better not to know, then to know.  Now I AM this ingenious kid, solving high level theories in physics to a zero margin of error.  So I say, how can that be?  She insisted I had to figure that one out. I say, O.K., but I cannot answer that one right now. You mean it is better not to know than to know?

O.K., but let me tell you something about the last days, men will act like women and women like men.  Men will go to carrying pocketbooks.  She says, oh, come on Paul now. Yea, really, I say.  See people will forget about God and become as evil as can be.  She says, but I AM saved, I got the Spirit of God, oh no, not me, I will never forget God.  OK, but I warned you about the last days, because not everyone is like you, many be just pretending. So be careful about what you say and to who all the way to the end.

I can go on and on, but the sum to the answer of what this child of God told me is simple to understand, if you live by the Word of God.  I went to jail and hear some things I just could not understand.  They all seem to do the same thing over and over and seem to be looking for different results.  A boy robs his grandma car for the tenth time and says, my grandma knows I need to drive and do not have a drivers license.  but the next time I got it figured out, she will never know it is me???

See, the law has been fulfilled.  I and the Father are one and I did not come to judge, but to witness and testify.  They accuse me of a crime and I show them I did not commit a crime, but you did.  I AM a hate crime victim and the statue of limitations to hate crimes do not begin, until the last one ends and my being here without charge is a hate crime.  Then they say, but you are not God, because God is infallible. Next thing they been indicted for 100 times, wherefore the highest verdict of humankind is beyond a reasonable doubt.  But for them to accept a living God it has t be without a doubt, yet even I have to walk by faith and not by sight.

Now with all these indictments that are sure convictions, they will never live through all the appeals processes. See, when they started doing wrong they really did not know better.  They did not get circumcised and sex was painful.  A Huwoman pubic hair is their chastity belt. They made sex a taboo and got fooled by colonial laws to make them burn in passion.  They once they get fooled into a homosexual relationship, they are driven deeper and deeper into a web of lie and self-destruction. Then once they cut off their nuts, they remove the ability to desire.

For how can you change without desire?  And scientific fact has proven a human who is castrated and not of spirit, is a demon masquerading as an angel. And once introduced to human flesh, he cannot turn back.  And for some reason they need Amino Acid, that is all GNC sells, nobody works out in those gyms.

Put simply. If you do wrong and know you are doing wrong and know it is going to kill you and still cannot stop the self-destructive behavior, you have condemned yourself.  For now you are subject to the price of sin and the price of sin is death.

Philippians 3:2New International Version (NIV)

Watch out for those dogs, those evildoers, those mutilators of the flesh.

Have to ever saw a dog circumcised?  O.K.

DBA Jesus Christ




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