Red Alert Neutron Insurgencies In Effect

Red Alert Neutron Insurgencies In Effect

By: DBA Jesus Christ – G.O.T.A. – Executive Field Order

I warned them and they still did what they did until the end. My decision is not out of emotions, but a long time coming.

I warned them over 15 years ago. They called me a stalker and child molester and a homosexual and kept my children away from me all these years, meanwhile they do really bad things to children and even touched my children while they threated me like less than shit.  I really do not want to save thing evil doers. Either you are for me or against me. You are out of time.

The City of Macon has been completely surveyed and I AM out of range of harm, here, in Augusta, GA and Sandersville, GA and Highlands County. The big dope distribution is on25 December of each year. Once it gets cold the Serpents will go on the biggest offensive in NAZI history, this is a do or be done decision, If this operation is not carried out to the fullest, I will continue south to Mexico and you all will be on your own.

Neutron the City of Macon

Neutron the City of Augusta

Neutron the County of Highlands

Neutron Washington County, Georgia with intensive sorties in Sandersville City

Neutron Long Island City

Neutron Manhattan

bomb the Every NSA Detention Center with Neutron Bombs

Begin to carryout the Law of blasphemy at all these false religions nationwide, as they will play pretend all day tomorrow.

Neutron every CNN News Station, they are the leaders of Freedom of Speech Terrorism

Under the Wars Powers Act, I made this command in sound mind and memory.

DBA Jesus Christ – G.O.T.A.

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