The Code to Everybody has Demons


Sam (L) Lujuana (LC) Ella (C) Jesus Christ (RC) Egeria (R)

The Code to Everybody has Demons

– in MP-3

Bill CosbyWilliam Henry Cosby

Everybody Has Demons – the Soundtrack

The Screenplay in – MP-3

Everybody has Demons

In PDF Format

A William Henry Cosby Film – Coming Soon

To raise my children

Blond Eva as Katherine Jones goes to California

Katherine Jones as Ms. Virgie stayed n New York City

Elijah Jones as Uncle Brother A.K.A. Honorable Elijah Muhammad the Messengerof God – Hos last words to me, “You got to burn that shit.”

Robert Jones as Bob Harper A.K.A. Lucky Luciano the Dom

Frank Clark Jones son of Elijah and Mary Elizabeth, Grandson of Jesus Christ, as Daddy

Uncle Brother is Shot-Gun

Frank Clark is Big Ray

Jesus is Rayvon

Patricia Jones at Pat Hilton

Elijah Jr. as Boykin cleaning, “my name is Rahmel” Oh, boy????  I did not name his ass no damn Rahmel.  Self proclaimed.

Patricia is Sharon – played by Beyoncé

Ella is Aisha – played by Alicia

Maria is Maria played by Mariah.

Man oh, man, what inn the hell is going on.

Soundtrack title song, by NaQuila Jones

D.B.A. Jesus Christ 

                                        The Symbol of Perfection and Justice

mjj productions

Daddy P


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