The Branches of Chaka Zulu Family Tree

Chaka Zulu and Jesus Christ are synonymous  

Save the World


Don’t U Get Left-Out

John 1:1-5 1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was with God in the beginning. 3Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

John 10:30 (NIV)

30 I and the Father are one.”

By: DBA Jesus Christ – DBA Chaka Zulu

The Branches Chaka Zulu Family Tree

Maria Theresa and Claudia is Maria Claresa

Sharon Thersesa and Latonya is Lasharon Janet

Theresa Claresa and Mariah is Maresa Claresa

Janet and Alicia is Janet Evaly and Janet Eva

Will and LL is Mark

Tyralah and Aalyilah

Ciara and Solonge is Colonge and Solonge

Johnathon and Marlon

Illysha and Lujuana is Ishana and Lujuana

Lisa-Marie and Rene is A-Marie

Elsie and Josey is Elsie Marie and Josey Marie

Faye and Bria is Fayia and Bria

Imani and Stafani

Michael-Ervin and Malcolm-Lewis

Maria Theresa – The Statute of Liberty – New Jersey documented by runaway home near Port Authority. New York City

Sharon Thersesa – Detriot, Michigan

Lasharon Janet – Los Angeles, CA

Janet Evaly and Janet Eva – Manhattan and Long Island City NY – The Foundation Rock

Aalyilah – Wshington D.C.

Elsie Marie – The Promise Land of Highlands County, FL.

Imani – Interstate or all the Rest of the Nation or States

Stafani – Augusta, GA – The Financial Capital

Myra is Maria the first Maria – She gave up her Spirit and her number was 463 = 13th Tribe and behind her she left 302 Q.Q. Aka Asia Zulu Zulu = Asia and Zulu to Zulu Zulu – Removing the maternal Parent of Asia.

The Enamcipation Tribe of the Native Africans

Halena and Angelena

Sabrina and Na-Na is Sabrina – Nabrina

Ena and Alana is Alena

Elizabeth – The U.K. Aka Elizabeth Taylor

Hillary-Rodman and Mary-Barbara

Hillary – Normandy Aka Hillary-Rodman Clinton

Mary – France Aka barbara Streisand

Josephine Padilla Johnson– aka Josephine Baker aka Tina Turner

Lillian Diana Johnson aka Diana Ross

Lujuana-Margerett and Mona-Muhammad

Kamora and Evera

The Mothers

Blond Eva Austin is Blond Eva Jones – Eva the Mother of all the Living because I had to come out of her womb. She is my child prior to the rebirth.

Corretta Jones

Katherine Jones

Asalee Jones

Lucile Jones

Virgie Jones

Mary Elizabeth

Gussie – Goodness


A Family Matrix – Name Identifications in Progress:

Veronica is Veronicia and Deroncia

Doronia Marliyn aka Marian – Dorian

Marliyn conceived in Corona and you have Patricia Hilton and you have Patricia Poole

Pathilia and Patpoilia and Pat Hilton says, Damn Paul be picking up fine crack heads. And she comes back and leaves Elizabeth.

Marian aka Pearson, now you have Robert Pearson who is not R.Kelly, I have Rahmal and Robert aka Rob J. Who held down R. Kelly. Robert Pearson is a 5 Percent.

Now you have Whitney Elizabeth and Mary Ann – who is faith and Mary Jean and Mary Jill, Mary Jean is Mary J Blige, they are from Azalea. O.K.

Now you have Herbert Kelly, who pretended he is Bobby Brown, now understand all of these are my acts. The claimed Whitney is dead and stole about $200 Million, while I made about Z28 Billion on that portfolio.

Watch this.

Kenny and the Diamonds. Red Foxx, Dirty Red, Jammie Foxx, Kennie and Jammie. OK, I met this fine woman who says I vut my breast off. Leotis says, I do not believe you, prove it and he dies. The girl everyone knew I loved was April or Angel, fine redbone connected to Calvin Lloyd or is this Kenny and the Diamonds. She came to Avon Park to see the Florida classic, Lorenzo Jones who is Jamie wife says, she is my sister, she is Bethune Cookman and I AM Florida A&M. See?

So where is Goat and Robert Pearson? Who is Chili Mac, saying he is Leotis brother. They held Whitney Elizabeth hostage in Avon Park. I found April and she is still so fine.

Marlene and Marsha – Code Marsha is Angel is April.

Chalestine and Chaline

Patricia and Latoyia

Kanie and Jamie

So who is Nadine and Natalie?

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