Welcome to Fort Macon City – The Governance Capital of God Is Real

Welcome to Fort Macon City – The Governance Capital of God Is Real

The National Community Network, INC. Bylaw – Mp-3 Format – to be updated to Janet Eva Zulu Ent. Ver. Soon

The National Community Network, INC – By-Laws – Doc.

This Document can be modified to  fit the Sect.

Augusta City


The Macon City Layout and G.O.T.A. Declaration of Macon Bankrupt.

Janet Jackson 1814


Rhythm Nation Distribution Order of Zews Major Offensive

The Transitive Agenda 2017-18


Black Panther Symbol

The NCN For PTS – Movement – Incubator Studios

Converting Detention to Real-Life Education-Rehabilitation


Soon As I Get Home

Keep It Moving

Georgia Squatters Rights

Formerly The Macon Inn – HQ of the Fight 5th Division Multi-Task Unit

At Corner of Riverside Drive Headed Right to the Under Path – McDonalds, the is Kroger Supermarket opened 24/7, great selections and owned by Winn Dixie a Chaka Zulu Retailer.  Make sure you get your discount card and remember to use your EBT first when you make mixed purchases to insure all food items are paid for with food stamps.

Inactive Armor Vehicles

In area is Boost Mobile, a empty healthcare square to include a full size rehab center vacant, Subways and other fine establishments. ATM available at Kroger.

Straight down Riverside Drive to will see an Under path, at which time to will see Dr. King Blvd aka Broadway. To the left is the Macon City Marriott International Hotel, Next to it is the New United Nations, across to the other side is the State Attorney old Building, now to be used as the Office of Inspector General Clerk and Legal Advisory.

If you go left at Broadway, you will see,


The Community Service Building,

the Charter Bus Company Lot,

the Department of Transportation Building, Gas Station to the right prior to reaching the Community Service Center – to be the Department of Food Protection – God Approved Aquaculture Produce and Meats Associations, a loft condo building, Television Stations are located on both sides, down to the Under path you will see General Dollar, and finally the Salvation Army Shelter, to you right just prior to reaching the Salvation Army is

Name Masjid Muhammad, INC

a steep hill and up top is the Masjid Muhammad Congregation Building and other Congregational Properties and one really well Structure Congregational Building only needing a little TLC, it is vacant. Oh, and on Broadway is the Beulah Baptist Church to your right.

Go left at Riverside Drive and you see a Mexican Cuban American Restaurant about a block away, keep straight and once you reach the end about 2 blocks away, you turn right and keep it moving. You will reach Mercer University or Mercer Law School and on the left side many mansions vacant and the ATT&T Office Building, wherefore the ATT&T Antenna is located in Augusta, GA.

Go Left on Riverside Drive and turn right at the Mexican Cuban Restaurant and you see the package store across the Street and keep going straight and you will see two high risers, the Well Fargo Bank Building – Home of the Department of Treasury and Trade, the BTT Bank Building Vacant as Sun Trust took over this Banking Institution. It will become the HQ Building for Military Operations.

All within walking Distance and do not forget at the corner of Riverside across the street is Checkers Fast Food, next to it Greyhound – Homeland Security Bus Station and on both sides gas stations with convenient store products at community prices.

DBA Jesus Christ – G.O.T.A. – U.N. Military Forces

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