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The New World Order Defined By Creation Theory

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The Birth of Christ

By: King of Kings Jesus Paul Messiah – Lord of Lords – Israel

On June 27th, 1955 Austria declared themselves a neutral government, to fulfill the Satanic prophecy, “are you for us or against us,” for Satan is not one, but a divided Kingdom.  You have Satan the father who came as  Wissem Al Mana, the Son is Rene Elizondo is the Nazi Rabbi and Prime Ministers of Israel who always misleads the Jews, at the point of the parable of the tenant, came as Prime Minister Benjamin Netayahu, who represented the Satanic Congregation of the King Solomon Temple Fereemasons.  Satan is not the Pope but the symbol of the Son of Satan who is the False Prophet.  These evil people are Eunuchs and because after procreate, they self mutilate and castrate themselves this is the code of Illuminti and the  so-called Spirit of Satan which really are there evil and diabolical congregations, being all these false religions, secret orders like the Freemasons and all those who serve his evil plan to kill, destroy and separate humankind.  But ubnderstand Jesus blood line is Hebrew and Zulu and the Zulu blood line is Prince Hall Freemasons and Satan blood line is the King Solomon Temple Freemsons.  The sole purpose of the KST Freemasons was to defile the Temple of God and the mission of the Lord was to unite the Hebrews and Zulus to created the Order of Zews.

But The Son of God who will comes in the name Jesus Paul Messiah who is the Apostle Paul Castellano, is the Son and the Father is one, is the same person and if you seen the son you saw the father and he is the father even of Prophet Elijah who he is the of his seed, because he is the one with the spirit and therefore God is one and the only living God who is Jesus Paul Messiah, who was in the beginning.   But before Jesus Christ Kingdom comes all those wheats must be burned to be discussed later.

Exactly 3 years later sex took place that the Lord would be conceived by a huwoman, her name was Mother of all the Living Blond Eva  Scruse Jones a seed of the Zulu thone and the Prince Hall Blood Line she and Katherine Scruse Jackson, who will become Sister Katherine Castellano they are sisters and Prophet Elijah Poole aka Muhammad a seed Ethiopian, whom people originated in the land of Hebrew, we now know as Egypt, which figuratively means slavery, is the first Adam and Jesus the Second Adam came from heaven.

It takes 2 weeks for conception to take place, meaning life, it takes 8 months for the brain to fully develop and our Lord Jesus Christ was born on 4 March 1959.  If you add up his date of birth, being 03 + 04 + 1 +9 +5 + 9 it  = 32 which is the highest degree in Freemasonry.  There is no such a thing as a 33 degree Freemason.

The purpose of the coming of the Lord was to destroy Satan’s Kingdom and the lies about him being born of a virgin is actually a diabolical plot by Satan to fool the world into sexual immorality and not the opposite.  Look at the perversion of the Pope and his crew. As a result of burning in passion or plan slavery they give up their testicles to serve Satan.

Now understand the prophesy.  On 27 June 2015, it will be a total of 60 years to have past, since the Illuminati created this Satanic Kingdom “The New World Order.”  There one day, that I explained to you as an importunity, is 10 years. so what it took Satan to create over a period of about 6,600 years the Lord will completely destroy in 70 years at age 66 or by 2025.

Satan consist of these headquarters:

Austria is the headquarters of the Nazi’s, Switzerland is the headquarters of the Illuminati Finances and and Vatican City which is not Rome, but is the headquarters of the the Roman Catholic Church, where the Pope lies in his native language Latin.  Israel is where they hold the Jews who are almost all descendants of Zulus curse 3 or 4 generations ny the French and there are some who are descendants of Hebrews, such as the so-called Kennedy clan, being President George Washington. They are slaves to Satan and only read the first first five books so they claim, so how how could  they ever know their leader Savior and aka Jesus Christ, whom is Jesus Paul Messiah?

The Castellano Family:

George Washington was the first black president as all presidents were black, even if they forgot who they are.  They became the Kennedy Family who called Ben uncle and there is only one picture of that guy, it is on Uncle Ben’s Rice Box, who call themselves the Kennedy Family and Bill Clinton and Hillary Rod a Man Clinton are all from the seed of George Washington a seed obviously of the Castellano Family, who migrated out of the land of Hebrew to Ethiopia, into Sicily, to America and the records of us can be found in Sandersville, GA, in Washington County on Jones street.


John Joseph Castellano son of my brother Frank   

Jones was the slave name giving to our Lord on his birth certificate, because he was raised by Frank Clark Castellano, who was given the name Jones. He us the father of John J. Gotti who is a Castellano Mullato, whom is half Italian abd Hebrew and  I am Hebrew and Zulu tainted with 1/8 th rapist blood line. Frank Clark Castellano, was in fact also a seed of Prophet Elijah as were many others such as Louis Poole aka Farrakhan, Lorenzo Poole, Barrack Obama the one with a Jewish mother to get into the white house, Malcolm X Little the one we sacrifice as in old version of John 3:16, that the black man would no longer fear death to overcome the oppressor and slavery.  He is the father of the Black Panthers and was not of Islam but of Jesus Messiah. And the promise of eternal life with the Lord are the seeds of the many fallen Black Panthers.

solar ship

The Master Plan is tp populate 10% of Solar systems to be transformed into Solar Ships or 20 billion  Solar ships pver a period of 220 million years.  At yhe end of out journey I will annouce, “I AM the God of the Universe.”  Then we can find a bigger chellenge in this ever growinjg Universe.  Life is truly eternal.

The first thing to begin to understand the reality from these fictional ideas of ungodly affairs, is to understand that the creation of the world is not about apples and oranges. In fact is it primitive mentality to base the fact that God exist on the fact that we can see the reflections of light from outer space, representing life unknown to mankind. As we will journey around the universe at 45,000 mph crusing speed in about 220 million years.


To say I know there is a God, because someone had to create the universe, was an idea of men who lived in jungles and caves and has nothing to do with the actual creation of world affairs, economic structure and government establishments which is what the bible is really talking about within certain circles in written codes. Understanding the creation theory is the foundation to understanding the true relevance of God and Satan and the associated power struggles of mankind.

Confused Mind

Uncertianity Rules Your Lives in a Whole Wolrd of Darkness

When you consider the power of the mind which is actually abstract and how mankind has become very confused, you can then look into ways as to how to design better options or choices.  For example mankind are told he has the choice of good and evil, yet every religion on the face of the earth on the day the Lord became flesh after many years  of mind control manipulayion were all created by Satan that all of mankind would praise him in one name or another, so what is you only right choice?  The only good choice is to understand the truth, which isn’t an option under the creation theory.


 (Novus Ordo Seclorum), a “New World of the Ages.”

Mt 24:5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.

Mt 24:6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.

 Jn 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

 1:2 He was with God in the beginning.

 The origin of racism on earth and the control of the masses:


1:1) In the beginning the founding fathers fabricated the state of Kingdom and Reality.  1:2) At this point reality wasn’t governed by any authority, and had no purpose.  Ignorance was upon the so-called profound people, they were very superficial.  Those who were loyal to the founding fathers were in a state of uncertainty, over the choices that had to be made.  1:3) And, the founding fathers said, “Let there be enlightenment,” and there was enlightenment.  1:4) The founding fathers saw that the enlightenment was good, and he separated the enlightenment from the ignorance.  1:5) The founding fathers called the enlightenment “Opportunity,” and the ignorance he called “non-productivity.”  And there was a negotiation at the end of the – First opportunity.

1:6) And, God the founding fathers said in the strictest confidence, “Let there be superstitions to separate good choices from bad choices.”  1:7) So God the founding fathers made the superstitious beliefs and separated the bad choices under the superstitions, from the good choices above its laws.  And it was so.  1:8) The founding fathers called the superstitions “Logical.”  And there was a negotiation at the end of the – Second opportunity.

1:9) And the founding fathers said, “Let those who are superstitious (Believers of false religions) be gathered to one place, and let an uninspired foundation appear.”  And it was so.  1:10) The founding fathers called the uninspired foundation “Oppression,” and the superstitious who were gathered he called “Confused Fools.”  And the founding fathers saw to it, that this foolishness was believable.  1:11) Then the founding fathers said, “Let the oppression create monotonous people; People who spiritually and mentally vegetate and procreate according to their various false beliefs.”  And it was so.  1:12) The oppression created people who vegetate; a state of mind carried on, from generation to generation, who procreate according to their false beliefs.  And there was a negotiation at the end of the – Third opportunity.

1:14) And the founding fathers said, “Let there be a system of understanding in the false religions, to make them seem logical  to the fellowships, to separate the opportunity from those who are lost in non-productivity, and let this false logic, serve as tokens to identify situations in progress, in a confused fashion.  1:15) And, let there be understanding in the superstitions (False religions) that will allow the truly logical Fellowships, to be able to understand the enlightenment of reality, that exist within the falsehoods.”  And it was so.  1:16) The founding fathers made two great interpretations concerning New World affairs, the Greater Enlightenment to govern over Opportunity, by those who are loyal to him, and the lesser non enlightenment to make oppression and repression self governed, by those who are in darkness.  He therefore created his future destiny.  1:17) The founding fathers established the future destiny of false religions, as well as those who understood the truth, 1:18) to be able to control both opportunity and non productivity, to his pleasure, as he separated enlightenment from ignorance.  And the founding fathers saw to it that it was believable.  1:19) And there was a negotiation at the end of – the Fourth opportunity.

1:20) And the founding fathers said, “Let the realm of possibilities spread rapidly among the vigorous servants, and let the simple minded see a glance of the truth, concerning the falsehoods in certain religions, so that there will be disagreements.”  1:21) So the founding fathers created great servants for the confused to follow, and he created every vigorous and active branch of knowledge, so that the choices would spread rapidly, and according to their beliefs, the simple minded learned based on their character.  And the founding fathers saw that it was believable.  1:22) The founding fathers favored them (The great servants over the Confused) and said, “Be productive and increase in number, and fulfill my decision and let the simple minded develop a sense of reality.”  1:23) And there was a negotiation at the end of the – Fifth opportunity.

1:24) And the founding fathers said, “Let the oppression create opportunities to become vigorous servants according to their beliefs, household servants to clean our homes, servants that will control the action on the streets, as well as drug addicts, and people with other plights, each according to their nature and character.”  And it was so.  1:25) the founding fathers made the drug addicts out of the poor Black communities, and created those who controlled this action according to favoritism.  And the founding fathers saw to it that it was again believable.  1:26) Then the founding fathers said, “Let us make one who pledges to our allegiance (A Pact), in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the gullible, who are confused and the simple minded, who know a little about the truth, let us put them over all that is reality, and over all the servants that enforce and control the activities of oppression and repression.”  1:27) So the founding fathers created one who pledged to his allegiance, in his own image, in the image of Satan.  He created him.  He created the Laws over Mankind, those who enforces the Laws, the So-Called Mafia to control the action of the streets, to keep the poor repressed, he created the {Secret Orders}, to protect his most valued interest, which is his knowledge and ability to deceive the masses, and therefore control the World, and he created them all.  1:28) The founding fathers favored them and said to them, “Be productive and increase in number, fulfill reality and control it.  Rule over the gullible and the simple minded and over every servant of oppression.”  1:29) Then the founding fathers said, “I give you everyone who vegetates and procreates according to their false beliefs.  They are yours to profit from, just make sure I get my percentage of (10%).  1:30) And to all who are uncivilized, simple minded and all the servants of oppression who vegetate, I give you all self destruction.”   1:31) The founding fathers saw that all that he had fabricated (Falsehoods), was very convincing to the weak minded which was Mostly everyone.  And there was a negotiation at the end of – Sixth opportunity.

2:1) Accordingly Satan’s Kingdom and the reality of the masses, was completed to accommodate the ruling class.  2:2) By the seventh opportunity the founding fathers completed the job he had done.  So on the seventh opportunity he recessed from all his work.  And the founding fathers favored the seventh opportunity and felt his creations were indisputable, and could not be overcome by any Man, only because of this, did he recess from all the work of creating that he had done.

King of Kings Jesus Paul Messiah

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