Breaking News Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson 2013

Breaking News Janet Jackson

Proclaimed by the source Queen of Queens Janet of Messiah refuses Walk of Fame Hollywood nomination.  Stating, “what I AM famous for and says who?”  Hollywood means extortion to entertainers, rape to wannabes, murder if you go up against the codes, cheating and lies and is is just a higher degree of slavery.  Got a Billion?  But mommy is still on welfare? What next, I get an Academy Award offer to play ISIS the Dike slut? Oh, an Academy Award for some foreigner nonprofit organizational causes. Sex rights. freedom of speech to call me anything but my name Queen of Queens Janet of the bloodline of the Zulu Nation of Kings and Queens aka Prince Hall.  Yea, that’s me!  And for a one day event the A.W.  gets $900 Million for the event, but we buy all new clothes, by for top security who control our movements keeping us away from our people, so they call us Oreo Cookie Janet, the dike slut? All to walk down the red carpet, so some guy can come up to you the very next day say Payola?

Get real, Hollywood is the same people who held my family hostage in our home built by my King of Kings, calling themselves destroying my brother’s life due to his extraordinary successes thanks to the Lord and not them.

No, keep your cement block and keep you lying asses away from me and my family.  Fear no evil, love God, seek eternity!


Paul at !5

King of King Jesus at 15 years old.

Queen of Queens Janet of Messiah