President Elect Joe “Red” Biden and First New York City Manager Bill Clinton


The Future of Hope ends Drug War

Smooth Gangster

President Elect Joe “Red” Biden and First New York City Manager Bill Clinton

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The Fake Gangster calls himself the Don?

AM I Going To Hell?

Directive:  King of Kings Jesus Paul Messiah

  1. Announce Joe is running for President. Do this ASAP.
  2. Hillary becomes The Don Trump Gangster worst nightmare, the poison pill. Allegations of his involvement with the French Faction of the Gambino Crime Family hits headline news.
  3. Rumors of a major Mafia War become FrontPage on the New York Post and Daily News.
  4. Jesse Jackson becomes first Black Party Presidential Candidate, to redeem himself. I had him split the black vote to get Ronald Reagan in the White House, he was our way into control of The Administration of the Presidency.  The dude was senile. Reagan didn’t run shit; it was George H.W. Bush the Skill and Bones destroyer.
  5. Biden gain huge financial support for Americans against the Confederacy Illuminati. The Slogan, do you choose life of death?  I will give Biden $100 Billion war chest in media coverage and all types of support and I will not even allow The Don Trump to even rebuttal on my television and radio stations.  Meaning he loses his $10 Billion war chest from the Nazis.  Once place in a campaign there is no taking it back?
  6. Jeb Bush gets financial support momentum and just drills Trump.  Everybody asked, come on the Don the Trump?  Show us you birth certificate.
  7. Jesse tells the world of the French Foreign Legion invasion though the DMV. They did not come here in warships and fighter jets; they just misused Real ID ACT 2005.  It must be enforced.  Who are the French?  Who gave us the statute of Oppression, the Underground Railroad, to a higher degree of slavery up north, where we have nothing but jails, institutions and death?  The Statue of whose Liberty the Don the Trump?  The First Nazi President?  Over the Lords Dead body that will never happen.
  8. Jeb gets $100 Million and Jesse gets $100 million and Hillary has over $100 million all targeted at exposing Trumps real name and agenda.
  9. On 4 November 2015, Hillary hears the Municipal Unions of New York City, just hired Bill Clinton to a lucrative 5 year deal worth $100 Million plus incentives to run all executive responsibilities of the City of New York. They say, there is only 51 governments in America and the City of N ew York is not one. Let us take it to the United Supreme Court.  But until then the Union and all labor to include the NYPD gets paid for Bill and the Mayor no longer has any executive powers as written in both the U.S. and N.Y. Constitutions.  In fact he may go up for charges for the misappropriations of municipal funds.   Hey Mr. Mayor, please explain the Homeless Programs and its spending practices.  $200 per day per homeless victim, placing them in homeless shelters like sardines and no hot water?  Coe on, who is you really sending this money on?
  10. The City Manager Office is granted $50 million to run the Administration.
  11. Marijuana become legal in New York City, the workers get 65% who are my CRIPS, the Police gets 25% meaning double their salaries and 10% got to charity.
  12. Barrack calls eminent domain on all 501 c 3 nonprofits in America. Do to a large scale corruption probe sprung out of these elections debates.
  13. SUBOXONE Film verse methadone? Why are we not curing a curable addiction and why are we making slaves out of Americans with Hitler’s poison until today? Heroin is cured?
  14. THC is schedule 3 as Cuba under Castellano Pharmaceuticals import THC pills and then CBD pills. THC is schedule 3 and therefore sold over the counter, behind pharmacists and CBD now has to be tested by the FDA, just like K-2, but it cures and not kills.
  15. The drug war ends on Barracks last pardons.
  16. New York City actions are duplicated all over the country, as municipalities become money earners instead of money burners. Because it is meant to be the business arm of government being the realtors and the Trademark Corporations are the Production Process.
  17. Big Corporations get huge tax breaks so the cities can pay for all these building and God takes up where the municipalities cannot in social spending, thanks to the Pope and is $5.5 Trillion stolen by claiming everyone who believes in the true God is a psycho to include God himself.



The Way You Feel?  Ain’t Got to Fight, to make it right? – Cause it’s all about money!

The Term is The Dom dumb Fuck!

King of Kings Jesus Paul Messiah – Lord of Lords