The Bank Agreement & Pumping Music Hard

Janet Jackson 2013

To: Queen of Queens Janet and the Queendom

A Few Queen of Queens Janet Mixes!

From: King Jesus Paul Messiah
RE: The Bank Agreement & Pumping Music Hard
Date: 14 October 2015
I think $50,000+ would be a nice amount to start this venture.  The Blue Building is worth over $137,000 and cost us utilities and upkeep, never earning any money. It needs a fence and remember it is the only sanctioned church in all the world.
Brenda find us somewhere to ship out of in Avon Park, FL.  See it our 501 c 3 is good for a donation is a vacant property. Ella, you need to go to the County Clerk and it will cost about $18.00 for a certified copy of this warranty deed and once I get the banker business card you can send it to her.
I will update the Solicitation license which is free in the state of Florida, being we do to disclose our finances I can say honestly under $25,000 and it will be mailed to the Principle office which is not 917 South A Avenue.  The Amendment can only be changed by me as you can see I sealed in the name of God ad it when through immediately at 8:00 PM Saturday 4 July 2015, that should tell you something.  But your overwrites will remain to maintain our secret management status, but you place those people in danger because this thing we are about to do just in the music project will bring in $200 Billion easy and they will place a gun at an Agents head to make you sing it over. So stop being stupid?
I will contact our online vendor they donated the online store to use. I want everything Beta by 1 November 2015 and going full force by 10 November 2015.
Now Queen of Queens Janet and crew can start recruiting artist and stop trying to be the focal point.
At $6.00 per download minus 20% being God’s 10% to be blessed and 10% administrative costs, minus about 2% credit card transaction fees, I can hand over to the artist and distribution about 0.78 on the $1.00. And artist can make easy $3.00 per CD and help people using social media make a few bucks also, by adding our widgets on there page for a fair Percentage.  So you need to start lining them up and because it is a donation, I do not think such activity is even considered wrong in any record contract, but I own the record companies anyway and this is my new way of doing business.
I can open an account alone as agent fr $25.00 at The ? Bank and deal with Chase fraud case and Wells Fargo fraud later.  But we cannot allow them to stop us from  making big buck during the coming holiday season.
I will then redirect Pay Pal to this account.
I will post this to the few contacts on G+, but you make sure everyone views where we are at this point.
I want everyone of the 24 to decide on what their part will be and save the 276 for later.  This is time sensitive and should be on the top of our agenda. Let me worry about recovering what they stole and you try making more money for them all as of now.
I need a line of Microsoft Products and a Web Designer to setup the store.  Facebook seems to guarantee 400 to 100 reads for $5 if I boost those articles, at pretty photos and they will keep coming back and inform friends.  With about $1,000 in Facebook credits this can blow up really fast.  I want a section in Walmart stores for our music also. Please act like you are down, I feel I am a damn one man Army.
My Son
The First Time I saw my Son at 5.  Got to give him a new name.
How about Little Prince Elijah?
Love Jesus